Industrial liaisons

The strategy of COMBINE is to enhance collaboration between academic medical research, clinical care, patient participation and industrial development. Thus, making liaisons with industrial partners and making the resources developed within COMBINE available for development also taking advantage of competences within the industry, is a major task for COMBINE.

A major strategy for industrial collaborations is that the agreements will enable industry to benefit from information and resources that have already been accumulated in COMBINE and at the same time use some of the resources that are delivered from industry to strengthen the infrastructure as well as ongoing projects within COMBINE.

COMBINE uses a well-structured method to collaborate with industrial players. This includes formalized agreements, pro-active negotiations with potential partners and Key account managers and project teams dedicated to the collaboration with specific industrial partners.

Since the inauguration of COMBINE, partnerships have been established with six international pharmaceutical companies and one Swedish exercise and weight loss chain. 25% of income from industrial partnerships is dedicated to be used for common infrastructure projects.