Sven Pettersson

Prof Pettersson received his PhD 1985 and his MD from Umeå University in Sweden in 1986. He did his post doctorial work in Cambridge, UK (1987-1990). In 1991 he was recruited to Karolinska Institutet (KI) and since 2001 he holds a strategic professorship in the field of host-microbe interactions at KI.

His research aims to understand how normal commensal flora modulates host physiology. He is the Director of the germ free research facility (CFGR) at KI. He holds an adjunct professor at the Genome Institute of Singapore and and the Nanyuang Polytechnical Univeristy of Singapore (NTU). He is also a Senior Principal Investigator at the National Cancer Centre (NCC) in Singapore. Prof. Pettersson is co-ordinating an EU research program, TORNADO aiming to understand how microbes and diet and impact on host physiology (2010-2013).


Recent COMBINE publication

Normal gut microbiota modulates brain development and behavior. 2011.
Heijtz RD, Wang S, Anuar F, Qian Y, Björkholm B, Samuelsson A, Hibberd ML, Forssberg H, Pettersson S. PNAS 108:3047-52.