WP3 - Medical informatics and bioinformatics

WP coordinator: Lars Alfredsson

Medical informatics: The development of efficient methods for capturing information in clinical care and directly from patients is critical to the strategy of our entire program. We use the systems that have been established in rheumatology as well as experiences from the KI Biobank Information Management System (BIMS) as building stones in the development of systems where scientists can have access to defined coded data from patients (without patient identity being visible) from various inflammatory diseases.

Our work include:
• Development of efficient methods to longitudinally collect information on lifestyle, health status and course of disease among RA-patients.

• Further exploring the possibility to increase efficiency in research by combining and connecting different existing data bases (e.g. the EIRA data base and the RA register)

• Developing a structure for a ”Karolinska Gene Data Bank” that allow sharing of genetic data in a safe way via the internet without personal identity being visible (e.g. large scale genotyping from population controls).

• Transferring knowledge gained from medical informatics regarding RA to MS and myositis (export the MIR concept).

Bioinformatics and biostatistics: Appropriate use of bioinformatics and biostatistics tools are of increasing importance with the identification of new genes and molecular pathways that determine risk for and course of the various diseases.

Our work include:
• Investigating the use of Baysian methods in the analysis of WGAS data.

• Developing software for gene-environment interaction that can be applied in the context of a WGAS study.

• Developing an analysis- and visualisation system for gene-environment interactions.